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Senior Leader Advisory
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Advisory & Leadership Development

With significant senior strategic technology leadership experience to draw upon, across a broad cross-section of industries and sizes of businesses, we can become a "trusted advisor" with no agenda or axe to grind, on an ad-hoc or retained basis.

Utilising the same depth of experience, we can also mentor your up-and-coming future technology leaders to help them be more effective in their increasingly senior roles.

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Strategy Development

Whether you need someone to assess your technology function and formulate a strategy that aligns to your business plans, work with your executive team to provide senior level technology input, or work with your existing technology leadership team to provide an external perspective, we can help you uncover that insight. 

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Strategy Development Service
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Organisation and Operating Model Design

Too often, an organisation that recognises the need to change or transform, starts with an Organisation Structure. A more thoughtful and resilient approach is to start with an Operating Model. I can help you with that Operating Model design, ensuring that any organisational changes you make are long-lived and successful

Org Design Service


Whether you need interim or fractional product or technology leadership, or additional capacity to coach and mentor your senior teams, we can help. You can engage us on long, short or factional bases to help guide your product and technology teams.

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Leadership Service
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If you need to Transform your technology function, we can help with a packaged service offering that combines Operating Model Design, Strategy Definition and Organisational Restructuring, to maximise your chances of success. We bring an objective eye, and a pragmatic approach to help you make complex or difficult decisions about your organisation.

Transformation Service
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