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John O'Donnell, MD EMaC Ltd

"Matt made a big impact in a short space of time"

Matt came into our business at a pivotal juncture in our Tech journey. We had some fundamentals to address and a pressing need to innovate and push the business forward. Matt has the breadth to both have his sleeves rolled up and to be creative, thinking of the longer term. Not that common in my experience. He is delivery focussed and gets the most out of his team because, simply put, people love working for him; he is a collaborator.
Matt made a big impact in a short space of time with EMaC and the business still benefits from his involvement today. He helped shape our direction and brought Tech to the Board table, contributing and positively challenging, to support a rounded strategy.  
And a quality too frequently overlooked these days, Matt is of great character. Good humoured, honest and a contributor to the fabric of a business building a vision – making Tech accessible to all parts of the organisation.

Hannah Bentham, Co-Founder, Tilt Recruitment

"Simply put, Matt is a pleasure to work with and his work delivers results"

Any business serious about leveraging business benefit through tech needs Matt on their side.


As a CIO/ Director level tech and transformation professional, Matt combines a unique blend of tech leadership and genuine commercial focus which achieves great things for the companies he works with.


Matt has successfully supported businesses with the formulation and delivery of tech and digital roadmaps, establishing and implementing strategies to support key business objectives and allowing them to realise organisational goals.  We have seen him replicate this repeatedly within different businesses and feel privileged to have helped him achieve this.


Matt’s real value is in directing, managing and mentoring subject matter experts in order to do their best work and Matt is able to ensure high performing teams as his norm.

Not only does Matt hire exceptional talent, he also has a knack of creating it too. Having worked closely with Matt, as well as his team members, I know how highly he is thought of by the teams that he builds, and that he comes highly recommended as a talented, knowledgeable and inspiring leader.  This is down to Matt’s approachable nature and good character.


Simply put, Matt is a pleasure to work with and his work delivers results

James Davies, Regional Director, Talent International

"A real talent for working out what teams need"

I’ve worked with Matt for almost the last decade, helping him find talent to build his teams.


Whilst helping him, I’ve seen first hand that he has a real talent for working out what those teams need, and shaping structures and operating models to support the businesses he works with.


I’ve also seen people that he has provided leadership development and mentoring become more effective senior leaders in their own right.


I’d highly recommend Matt as someone who can help you get the best out of your technology teams

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